March 3, 2013
Those Pesky Kids: The 16-Year-Old Who Created A Cheap, Accurate Cancer Sensor Is Now Building A Tricorder With Other Genius Kids

Who the hell does this kid think he is?

I’m really seething with envy right now. By which I mean extreme admiration and wonder. When I see stories like this on the net, it gives me hope for the next generation. As for me, I have to get to my own projects and make my own mark on the world. I pray it’ll be as beneficial as the one being made by Jack Andraka and his Generation Z posse. From Fast Company:

The group of kid geniuses—they’re calling themselves Generation Z—is working on a smartphone-size device that can, according to Andraka, “diagnose any disease instantly.”

I urge you to read the full article at Fast Company Co.Exist. I can’t wait to see these kids succeed.

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